The Copper Beech – Bilsthorpe, Newark

The Copper Beech should be your first port of call for a tasty Sunday roast to round off a relaxing weekend.

It was half-term this week which meant two things; 1: we got to bring the wife/mumma along on our road trip (plus an extra pair of eyes is always useful) and 2: it’s a good opportunity to catch up with some old friends and drag them out to a pub. And so the three of us headed up the to Bilsthorpe and the Copper Beech Pub, to meet some friends and their brand new 7wk old bubba…

I’m sure having some new faces on our trip was a welcome change for the Dixie, but it also reminded me how ‘trouble free’ babies can be. All that was required was a bag and a comfy place to rest his head and he was happy. Barely a peep all afternoon. By contrast the Dixie comes equipped ready to stay the week – changing bag, spare clothes, snacks, drinks, a million and one toys and, if you’re lucky, she might sit still for all of a minute. Thankfully, this was the perfect pub for a rather excitable Dixie. The pub is nice and spacious with plenty of room for the little ones without feeling like you’re being a pain to your table neighbours. We even managed to play a game of hide n seek – although the Dixie had failed to share this news with the rest of us and had spent sometime quietly hiding behind a set of curtains, blissfully unaware that no one was coming to find her.

The menu was full of all the pub grub classics and with some great lunchtime deals it didn’t matter too much when the Dixie decided not to eat anything other than a few chips and a ton of ketchup. The staff were lovely and more than helpful when it come to changing time and we needed some adhoc locksmithing (and a knife!) to get into the disabled toilets open as the key had gone walkabout. I was half expecting to have the key dropout from one of our many bags when we got home, but thankfully it seems it had nothing to do with us!

Perfect For: Midweek lunches when you want a little more space for the pint-sized ones

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