The Collyweston Slater - Collyweston, Northampton

The Collyweston Slater – Collyweston, Northampton

The perfect pit stop whether you are looking for a bite to eat, a few drinks or maybe make a weekend of it.

The pub

The perfect pit stop whether you are looking for a bite to eat, a few drinks or maybe make a weekend of it.We don’t normally do Sunday lunch pub trips as it usually requires booking a table and that involves a) some formal planning & b) arriving on time for something; neither of which we have been capable of doing since roughly 2015. To give ourselves half a chance of finding a pub we thought we’d aim for midday – just as the pubs open. Plus, no normal people eat Sunday lunch at 12pm. So, 10 minutes from home (and only half an hour late leaving the house) our cunning plan had worked – the Collyweston Slater could accommodate a table for 4.

This charming old pub sits on the A43 just on the edge of Northamptonshire, and whilst the pub is good few hundred years old, the inside has clearly benefited from a fresh coat of paint in more recent times. There’s lovely mix of cosy bar area and sofas along with spacious dining area, with plenty of room to accommodate pushchairs and highchairs if required. Free WiFi is a nice bonus – especially when you need to distract the kids for 2 mins so you can finish off your food. There is an outside patio area, but as its close to a main road it’s probably advisable to take the smaller ones indoors if you don’t want an early heart attack.

The grub

Having overdosed on BBQ’d sausages and endless bread rolls of late, a Sunday roast came as a rather nice change. The lunch menu has all the traditional meats on offer and fixed prices for 1, 2 or 3 courses. During the week the menu looks pretty substantial with sharing platters, lite bites and sarnies alongside a load of bigger main meals. There’s also a host of different offers throughout the week, which is always welcome when feeding 4 mouths! The kiddies have their own pub grub menu with the likes of sausage & mash, lasagne, fish fingers etc – all coming in under £6. The pub also hosts a ‘weekend breakfast club’ from ‪9 until 10.30 every Saturday and Sunday. Perfect if you want to get cracking with your day.

Being an Everards pub there’s a good selection of local cask ales with ciders, great value wines and, like any pub worth their salt these days, gins galore! For the pint-sized ones, a range of squashes, juices, milk and the cause of most tantrums in our family, the dreaded Fruit Shoot.

The hububb

The staff here were genuinely really fantastic and great with kids as they ran circles around everyone. Even when Wilma was found wandering into the kitchen, she was gaily returned with a ‘I think this yours?’. By the time we left, nearly all the tables were occupied and most with children on (and adults of course). For all the little child friendly niceties here, it was a surprise there were no crayons or colouring-in sheets on offer – a small and simple gesture, but always welcome as a way to entertain the kids for all of 60 seconds. Still, there was free Wifi, so we just downloaded a colouring-in app.

Pub Crawl: September 2019

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