Queen’s Head – Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Queen’s Head – Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

The perfect pitstop to refuel the clan, if you find yourself aimlessly wandering around the Peterborough shopping scene.

The Pub

Finding somewhere to eat in a big town can usually be quite uninspiring – choices usually range from highstreet Italians to coffee shop chains or a Slug and Lettuce & ‘Spoons. Fine if you’re looking for that kind of thing but sometimes you want a little bit more. Well, if you head out of the Queensgate Shopping Centre through one of the exits (I don’t know which one exactly, it’s all the same to me) and wander about for a bit, you should stumble across the Queens Head.

Split over two floors, the Queens Head is not lacking in space and the layout makes it really easy to push a stroller without knocking into tables or cracking any shins. Especially if you have a million shopping bags hanging from each handle. There are plenty of small booths and tables tucked away if you want to keep yourself to yourself. Alternatively, there’s a couple of long tables if you want to meet up with friends as we did. The staff were really friendly and incredibly accommodating given the fact we took up centre spot in the pub with 4 kids all under 5. Outback there is a spacious courtyard too which looks pretty inviting come summertime.

The Grub

The Queens Head has a relatively small menu by most standards – the sign outside simply reads ‘pizza, pots and pints’. And that’s basically it. But jeepers do they do it well. Pretty much everything is cooked in a big wood-fired dome oven, next to the main bar. A nice touch as you can actually see the chefs at work, creating everything fresh from scratch.

There’s a tasty selection of Hot Wings, Nachos and Mezes for nibbles. But it’s the main meals that are stars here. On the Pizza menu there is all kinds of options with toppings from Spicy Pepperoni and Chilli Peppers to Smoked Paprika Chicken and Olives. For those with dietary needs – don’t be put off as all pizzas can be made with vegan cheese and GF bases. Or choose from the ‘Pots’ side – big bubbling bowls of ‘one pot dishes’. Go simple with Mac and Cheese or dive in with Lancashire Hot Pot or Catalan Chicken. All main dishes are pretty reasonable prices around £10-£12.

The kid’s menu is equally as mouthwatering with choices like Ham Hock and Caramalised Pineapple Pizza or Pulled Brisket Lasagne. Dishes are quite well portioned too, so you could get away with splitting a pizza between 2 kids for the smaller appetites. All the dishes come with a free cordial drink and scoop of ice cream. Pretty decent for under £6.00.

& for the Bubs

Where to start… aside from the good food and friendly atmosphere, the pub has a few highchairs available and changing facilities (in the disabled toilets so super useful if you’re a dad!), colouring books and crayons and there’s also a good selection of board games that can keep older kids and adults entertained. Unless, of course, your one of those competitive families likely to start launching Scrabble pieces across the room because ‘Igglepiggle’ isn’t actually a word! Then I’d probably avoid the games.

Having spent the best part of 3 hours (and 3 bottles of wine) here, I’m sold. Shopping in Peterborough just became that bit more bearable!

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