Millstone Inn – Barnack, Stamford

If you’re out visiting Burghley House, and want to avoid the ‘hustle and bustle’ of Stamford this is not a bad shout.

The Pub
Still struggling to move on from all the excitement that was World Book Day, the Dixie needed an extra power nap (another perk of being a child) which meant we headed out later than usual and so we hunted for a pub a little closer to home. A couple of miles out of Stamford, tucked away down a quiet, sleepy road in the picturesque village of Barnack, is The Millstone Inn. For a small village pub, it’s surprisingly spacious – though this might have been exaggerated by the fact we were the ONLY 2 people in the pub at the time (mind you it was 3.30 on a Friday). The Millstone has a plethora of alcoves and nooks to settle down in which is perfect for the kids, meaning you can spread out without feeling like you are encroaching on anyone else’s space. Very handy when you travel around with as many books, bags and toys as we do. They also have a large outdoor area which will really come into its own when this dreary weather stops and Spring finally kicks in.

The Grub
The menu’s look incredible – for quick, lighter, lunches there is a big selection of bloomers, tasty burgers and smaller nibbles. And for the evenings, it gets even more appetising – fresh fish, locally sourced meats and succulent pies. Our choice for the day – a packet of Pipers Crisps Cheese and Onion… we had missed the lunch slot because of the extra nap and so had to settle for sharing crisps and a pint. There is no specific kid’s menu available, instead they offer smaller portions of most of their main plates and following a quick chat with the landlady, it seems they are more than happy to rustle a sausage and mash or other kid friendlier meals if need be. Their guest beer this week is the lovely ‘Seafarer English Ale’ from the Fullers Brewery. Sadly, we didn’t get past the first few sips as the Dixie took it upon herself to season with salt & pepper.

Aside from the lack of food, absence of any other patrons, an undrinkable pint and sodden trousers, this is actually a really nice pub that definitely deserves another visit. Before making our swift departure, we did stop to chat to the landlady who was incredibly friendly and quick to point out all the great things there are to do in the area, including walking through the Hills & Hollows. It’s fair to say this probably won’t go down as one of our more “successful” pint-sized trips, but we will definitely be back!

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