What we do...

Our mission is simple; To champion the brilliant parent friendly pubs across the UK. Pint-Sized Trips is the only platform dedicated to helping parents get more from the 'local'. Whether you're looking for a new place to take the family for lunch, or breaking away from the kids to enjoy a rare night off ~ we aim to stop your favourite past-time becoming a thing of the past, by helping you find the perfect pub.

Pubs are marvellous places. They ooze character and charm, can serve up some top notch food and are typically at the heart of town or village life. But for many, taking the kids to the pub is not considered a viable family outing option.

And we understand why. The struggle to get the buggy through the door, the questionable or non-existent kids' meals on offer, the distinct lack of entertainment for them combined with the abundance of glassware – we’ve been there. But that’s not everywhere. Many local establishments not only welcome families with open arms, but have all the facilities you need to make your trip enjoyable.

Now, we don't advocate dragging the kids to the pub for an evening of boozing or letting them run amock unsupervised, but we also don’t think families should feel restricted in where they can enjoy time out.

Finding a pub to suit your family outing, solo parenting adventure or parents’ night-off has never been easier…